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Developing clothes for golden ambitions

Swedemount and the National Biathlon Team – A long term cooperation

Every detail is is ov essence in biathlon. To win everything must be perfect; the skis have got to have perfect wax for the specific conditions of that day, the rifle must be correctly adjusted, you have got to have the perfect form, and finally – have the proper clothes. Swedemount and the Swedish National Biathlon Team have a cooperation where Swedemount stands as the main clothing sponsor creating race and training wear that are adapted to the specific needs of every athlete. 

We develop the clothes together with the athlete to help them perform their maximum every time. We have developed new fabrics and smart technical solutions that we believe the biathlon athletes along with other winter sport athletes and recreational people will like.

Reinert Sörenson, founder and head of the design team


The athletes’ demands are basically the same as for recreational skiers. What separates is that the clothes also must perform during the rifle shootings. Besides providing aerodynamic capabilities when skiing the garments also must bring protection from snow, rain and/or wind. They also need to give friction in the lying shootings to assist aiming and speed between the shots. Special areas with rubber can therefore be seen on the athletes’ suits on elbows and knees, which of course is within the regulations of the sport.

The racing suits also need to be stretchy so that they do not break during races – as well as being able to endure shifts in temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees to plus 20 degrees. This is where the baselayers prove their point.

- We have tested new fabrics which looks to be very promising together with the athletes. These fabrics and designs will also be incorporated in civil collections available to purchase. Our findings show that both athletes and recreational skiers and runners will benefit from the designs and garments.


Ingemar Arwidsoon, general secretary of the Swedish biathlon association, have high hopes and expectations on the cooperation with Swedemount. The deal, stretching initially four years, has now been extended up until 2026.

- There are very small margins in the top tier of biathlon and the right set of clothes and garments can really be the difference on whether or not you will end up in the top three positions.

- I have used Swedemount clothing for a long period of time and the new suits seems very promising says Anna Magnusson, Olympic silver medalist in relay. Swedemount have been very keen on letting us be a part of the design phase, including both function and looks. I really feel that we produce these suits and clothes together! So why did the Swedish biathlon association chose Swedemount as their clothing manufacturer and partner?

Swedemount is a Swedish manufacturer with the right mindset and we share the same key values, which strengthens our brand.

Pyongyang 2018 Olympics – Promising results

The successes of the Swedish athletes in the Korean Olympics came as a surprise, even for the association, says Ingemar Arwidsson.

- The top podium places in January the same year gave us a good hunch, however the two gold medals and the silver medal exceeded all expectations. Purely looking at the development curve, these athletes would not peak until the Beijing Olympics in 2022. The last period of success peaked at the World Cup in Ruhpolding, Germany in 2012, so there was quite the wait. That generation put their skis on the shelves the following years causing the association to look further down the ages – the 18-19 year olds, which became the base of the new national team. Up until this day the A-team comprises of seven women and seven men – as well as a future national team in development with seven women and five men. 


So how do you become an elite biathlon athlete? The answer is training, training and more training and as well as talent. You have to be careful with details and keep your head high even under stress as well as being good both in the skiing track and on the shooting range. 

One large challenge athletes have to have under control is to perform at maximum pulse in the ski tracks, then keep cool and calm when shooting. Concentration is the key. You have to account for wind, weather and competitors and not loose focus on the aim, also knowing that the clock is ticking so the shots need to be taken fast.