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ABOUT Swedemount

Swedemount was founded in 1991 by a passionate adventurer with a heart for outdoor activities. After a life-changing trek in the Himalayas, where weeks of challenging conditions, the idea of Swedemount was born. The dream of creating clothing that could tackle the toughest climate on earth became a reality.

We are proud to offer functional clothing that enables our customers to live an active life and reach their individual goals. From elite athletes to everyday exercisers, Swedemount's collections include clothing for all seasons for men, women and children.

Our ambition is to develop Swedemount into one of the strongest outdoor brands on the market. The products are tested by dedicated teams in different environments to ensure the highest quality and performance. We constantly strive to develop and improve Swedemount and our journey has not been without challenges.

The dream of an own brand

The dream of our own brand began on a trek in the Himalayas, but it wasn't until the 2010s that we reached a turning point when we sponsored an expedition to conquer Mount Everest. Our product package stood up to the extreme environment, and the success proved that our products are up to the task. Conquering the high demands of Everest is no walk in the park and we are proud to be a trusted companion for world-class adventurers.

Our history is characterized by passion, challenges and a constant quest to offer really good functional clothing at an equally good price. Swedemount is not just a brand - it's a lifestyle that helps you step out into the world with confidence and courage.

We are Swedemount, where the adventure begins and your next big challenge awaits.