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Swedemount, a manufacturer of outdoor- and sports apparel for athletes and recreational trainers, deepens its collaboration with the Swedish Biathlon Association by becoming a sponsor of Hanna Öberg. Hanna, gold medalist in both the olympics and the world cup as well as recipant of Bragdguldet and Jerringpriset as athlete of the year in Sweden, has been a shining star in biathlon in recent years. Together with Swedemount she will inspire people to live an active lifestyle and provide insights as to how the everyday life for a world class athlete is. 

Swedemount developes the training and racing clothes together with the athletes and will continue to do so. 

I think it will be fun to continue to participate in this creative work, says Hanna. 

Swedemount have really listened to us athletes and we akk look forward to test our ideas during races in this season. 

Besides competing in the clothes for the National team she will also use clothes from our outdoor and training collections in private. She is also a part of the design team when it comes to product enhancements and technical adjustments. 

- It means very much having Hanna as a part of our team, says Reinert Sörenson, the founder of Swedemount. It is a confirmation a confirmation that our clothes maintain a high standard when it comes to quality, design and function for athletes on the highest of levels. She also has a strong persoality and high ambitions, which is a perfect fit with our brand. 

Many of the solutions that are being developed for the athletes can also be found in our training and outdoor colections for everyday users. 

Hanna öberg

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