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Ett berg med moln för kollektion Himalaya
En man som klättrar i ett berg med Himalaya kläder


Tough weather conditions, changing climates and activity are no match for the Himalaya collection. With its waterproof shell garments, highly insulating down jackets and base layers in fine merino wool, you get the perfect combination for both active everyday life and tough expeditions.

The Himalaya collection was developed over five seasons with the help of Saran Subba, one of Nepal's most experienced mountain guides. The garments have been worn during several expeditions and tested for quality, weather resistance and function. Today, Himalaya is our most weatherproof shell garment that will happily follow you to the top of the mountain!

En man i blå jacka bland bergstopparna
En kvinna i bruna underställs kläder från Himalaya
En kvinna i en svart dunjacka från Himalaya
En man med orange skal jacka från Himalaya
En kvinna i bruna underställs kläder från Himalaya


Warmth and function are exactly what we look for in a first layer. Discover the Himalayan wool base layer and take the first step towards your ultimate adventure.


With superior insulation and moisture management, you will stay warm and comfortable during activities such as skiing, hiking and active daily life. Wool has an amazing ability to stay warm even if the material gets a little wet, unlike other materials that cool down.


It also has UV protection and antibacterial properties which ensures durable and safe use.

Our merino wool base layers form layer 1 of your perfect clothing set and give you a strong foundation for all your adventures.

Information kring en svart dunjacka från Himalaya

Dun SOM isolerar

Layer 2 is the key to staying warm and comfortable, wherever you are and whatever you do. In the Himalaya collection you will find the perfect middle layer, the down jacket. A garment that provides outstanding thermal insulation in a lightweight and packable design.


The Himalaya is made from a 100% ripstop nylon fabric. It is a fabric that is reinforced with interwoven threads in a grid pattern, which increases the durability of the jacket and prevents the jacket from unravelling in case of damage.

Down is known to be very light in relation to its insulating ability, making the Himalayan down jacket a comfortable and lightweight garment to wear.  


This lightweight jacket is perfect for providing protection against unexpected weather conditions while being easy to pack. To keep you dry and comfortable throughout your adventure, the jacket is treated with a PFC-free DWR finish.


Use the Himalaya jacket as an insulating mid-layer or as a separate jacket depending on temperature and need. It also comes with a handy pack bag for easy storage.

Swedemount strongly opposes down and feathers being taken from live animals and/or force-fed. We only accept down and feathers that come with certificates that ensure their origin, such as RDS (Responsible Down Standard) or Allied Feather.

En orange skal jacka från Himalaya


With shell garments from the Himalaya collection, you are ready to face nature for real. Layer 3 acts as a shell that provides superior protection against harsh weather conditions, changing climate and activity.

WEATHER RESISTANT:With their 20,000 water column waterproof shell garments, they are optimal for both active everyday life and tough expeditions. Fully windproof and waterproof, the material is lightweight and takes up minimal space in your pack, making it perfect to keep in your rucksack and pull out when you need protection.


The garments are equipped with several practical pockets, waterproof YKK zips, taped seams and adjustable sleeve and leg ends. All so you can customise the fit, carry your essentials and stay protected against all kinds of weather.

The top layer is essential to your wardrobe because it gives you the protection you need wherever your adventures take you.

Swedemount himalaya