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Swedemount was founded in 1991 and is a producer of clothes for skiing, hiking, training as well as accessories such as bags, shoes and training hardware. Our founder has always had a large interest in outdoor activities such as hiking, running and skiing. On a trip to the Himalayas the idea of an own brand was hatched. After weeks wandering the mountains in the same clothes, the idea of designing and creating sturdy clothes for tough environments, yet comfortable to wear, the inspiration grew forward. The name became Swedemount, associating the brand with the ambition of reaching your goals. The direction of the brand became to produce clothing for the Scandinavian environment, hence was the mountain of Åre chosen as the brand logo.

We are proud to offer products that help our customers live an active life and to reach their individual aims and targets. Our clothes are used by both proffessionals and regular exersisers. We have created collections of clothes for all seasons for men, women and children.

Our ambition is to develop Swedemount into the best outdoor brand on the market, working closely with our manufacturers and suppliers. Through our developing team we ensure that the products are tested in different environments to achieve the best possible result.

- One of our highlights was when a team of climbers reached the top of Mount Everest in 2010 using only our products. Climbing Mount Everest is not a game, the environment puts immense pressure on the persons trying to reach the top, as well as their equipment. You do not want to be the weak link in that context, however our products proved successful.

Reinert Sörenson.

Founder of Swedemount.