Athleisure LS Tee W

EUR29 (EUR30)
Athleisure LS Tee Swede Mount is a long-sleeved sports shirt in a thin functional materials. A quick-drying material that contributes to efficient moisture transport and high breathability which makes this sweater opimal for intense exercise and activity. Round neck, with a small patch Sweden flag and reflective pressure at one axle and the rear for increased visibility and safety. This training top is suitable for all sorts of activities and types of exercise with their lovely features! We are proud to present our innovative and high-quality collection designed and developed in close collaboration with Team Sweden Biathlon. The collection offers you high quality garments that will help you prepare in the best way and reach your individual goals. From everyday athletes to elitävlare. Whatever you are looking for, then this collection to withstand the challenge! Material: 60% Nylon, 30% Polyester, 10% Spandex