Track Hydration Backpack

EUR59 (EUR60)
Material: 100% Polyester    Stay hydrated during your run or bikeride with Track Hydration Backpack!    Main pocket with inner compartment Outer pocket Clasps in the sides Sidepockets in mesh Fluid bag (2L) with slang Padded back Adjustable shoulder straps with pockets and clasps   A flexible backback from Swedemount suitable for the active one. It is important to stay hydrated and therefore this backpack have a fluid bag that holds 2L and have a tube so that you easily can drink during your activity. The backpack have a big main pocket with an inner compartment that holds the fluid bag and other packing. A outer pocket for your small stuff such as cards and keys. Two sidepockets in mesh that holds a bottle, fruit or likely, clasps in the sides that keeps it all together and also several reflective prints. Light padded back, adjustable shoulder straps with pockets on and alspo two clasps to make the backpack stay in place during activities and larger movements. Track Hydration Backpack suits perfectly for you who are going for a run, bikeride or hike!     Size   Lenght   Width   Depth   Fluid bag Onesize 40cm 22cm 15cm 2L