Race 3-Layer Pants W

EUR49 (EUR50)
Material 1: 100% polyester 2 Material: 83% polyester, 17% elastane   The perfect training and warm pants from Swede Mount. This pant has a windproof front and stretch panels in the back of a good freedom of movement and comfortable fit. The material has moisture-transporting property and a high breathability which makes the trousers optimal for intense activity. Elastic waist drawstring on the inside and a long zip from the thigh down to the ankle for easy open and ventilate extra. Several pressure on the legs of both Swedemounts log and SWE.       We are proud to present our innovative and high-quality collection designed and developed in close collaboration with Team Sweden Biathlon. The collection offers you high quality garments that will help you prepare in the best way and reach your individual goals. From everyday athletes to elitävlare. Whatever you are looking for, then this collection to withstand the challenge!           Mått i cm 343638404244         1/2 Midja avslappnad313437404448 1/2 Midja utsträckt394245485256 1/2 Stuss464952555963