Bike Led Helmet

EUR59 (EUR60)
Stay safe on your bike rides with the Bike Led Helmet! This bike helmet from Swedemount is made of a protective shell that keeps your head safe if should fall. This helmet's most unique feature is the built-in LED-light that can shine in three different modes; still light, blinking and flashing fast. It also comes with a charger so the lamp can be recharged. It is important that a bicycle helmet is seated properly and is set correctly, therefore this helmet has the ability to adjust the fit by turning on a small wheel in the back. This together with the adjustable strap makes this helmet as safe as possible. Inside, there are padded cushions for added comfort, but these can be removed and replaced if you wish. It also comes with an extra brim that can be attached in front for a different look on the helmet but also for sun protection for the eyes. Other details such as logo printing and a chin guard on the strap to avoid discomfort also makes this helmet extra good.  The helmet is approved according to CE EN 1078 LED-light  Adjustability Stylish design Safe helmet